“The Original” Pikachu EX – Very First Partner Deck

Today’s deck list highlights the very first Pokemon Partner Battle deck ever! Looking through this deck list reminds me how far this format has come in just over a year.

Wow! It’s not been that long since I built this deck, but looking over it evokes the same nostalgic feeling that I would get from finding a long lost photo of childhood friends whose names I could no longer remember.

I have only a vague recollection of the time that I built this deck. Many of the choices seem arbitrary. I had no idea what my opponent was building, and neither of us had any idea what number of energy or basic pokemon (or anything else) should be in a 100 card deck.

I do remember counting the number of supporters, tools, energy, etc. in several of my standard and expanded decks, and then scaling the averages up from 60 to 100 cards. I ended up with 25/50/25 Pokemon/Trainers/Energy, which makes sense because most of my decks at the time were around 15/30/15.

Some things were clearly overlooked (no Ace Spec?), and the holy trinity of Item Finder + Dowsing Machine + Junk Arm had not yet been discovered (I did include a junk arm, but somehow missed the other 2 cards which have the exact same text box).

It seems pretty obvious that I just grabbed a pile of lightning type EXs as backup attackers. The Pikachu/Raichu line was included because the idea of break evolving Raichu prime excited me for some reason.

I guess I should give a a quick rough summary of the strategy:

  1. Get Dynamotor Eelektrik onto the bench;
  2. Pile energy on Pikachu EX until it can one-shot the opponent;
  3. Profit! 🙂

That’s all I have to say about this deck. Here’s the list:

"The Original" Pikachu EX
by Tony Mundell
Partner Pokemon – 1
Pikachu EX XYP XY84

Basic Pokemon – 14
Pikachu HSP HGSS03
Pikachu NXD 39
Pikachu ROS 20
Pikachu BKT 48
Tynamo NVI 39
Tynamo PLB 31
Tynamo PRC 62
Dedenne FFI 34
Zekrom BLW 47
Manectric EX PHF 23
Raikou EX DEX 38
Zekrom EX LTR 52
Lugia EX AOR 68
Shaymin EX ROS 77

Evolution Pokemon – 10
Raichu UD 83
Raichu XY 43
Raichu FFI 28
Raichu BKT 49
Raichu BREAK BKT 50
Eelektrik NVI 40
Eelektrik PRC 63
Eelektrik PRC 64
Eelektross PLB 33
Eelektross PRC 65

Trainers – 5
Computer Search BS 71
Bill BS 91
Pokemon Trader BS 77
Professor Oak BS 88
Gust of Wind BS 93

Trainer/Trainers – 3
Dual Ball CL 78
Pokemon Communication HS 98
Junk Arm TM 87

Trainer/Items – 14
VS Seeker FL 100
Repeat Ball PRC 136
Ultra Ball FLF 99
Max Potion EPO 94
Great Ball EPO 93
Energy Retrieval BLW 92
Professor's Letter XY 123
Energy Pouch FCO 97
Level Ball AOR 76
Pal Pad FLF 92
Random Receiver DEX 99
Evosoda XY 116
Super Rod NVI 95
Revive BLW 102
Trainer/Tools – 1
Focus Band NG 86

Trainer/Item/Tools – 6
Exp. Share NXD 87
Rescue Scarf DRE 115
Eviolite NVI 91
Muscle Band XY 121
Fighting Fury Belt BKP 99
Hard Charm XY 119

Trainer/Supporters – 15
Professor Juniper BLW 101
Clemont GEN 59
Professor Birch's Observations PRC 134
Teammates PRC 141
Professor Sycamore BKP 107
Skyla BCR 134
N DEX 96
Lysandre's Trump Card PHF 99
Wally ROS 94
Lysandre AOR 78
Tierno BKP 112
Fisherman BKT 136
Cilan NXD 86
Brigette BKT 134
Cheren EPO 91

Supporter/Supporters – 1
Professor Oak's New Theory CL 83

Trainer/Stadiums – 3
Parallel City BKT 145
Rough Seas PRC 137
Tropical Beach BWP BW28

Stadium/Stadiums – 2
Broken Time-Space PL 104
Pokemon Contest Hall RR 93

Energy/Special – 4
Double Colorless Energy FCO 114
Cyclone Energy SF 94
Flash Energy AOR 83
Rescue Energy TM 90

Energy/Basic – 21
21x Lightning Energy BLW 108